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Best Answer: Many different races of people "discovered" America. After taking a comparison look at Native Mexicans, Amazonians, East Coast Native .6:30 Columbus did NOT discover America - Spanish Propaganda - another Commonly-held Misconception by Beo Nguyen 161 views 9:07 BLACK HISTORY MONTH .Yes, Christopher Columbus discovered America and the Native Americans living on it. The above answer is partly wrong but I am going to put the correct answer below it .Columbus did not "discover" America, either. It had been rumored, hypothesized, guessed by mariners and the intellectual classes for years.

When did Columbus discover America? The KGB Agent answer: Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492. On Aug 3, 1492 he set sail to what he thought were the East .It was not Columbus that discover America. Ask a Question Q&A Articles Society; Ethnicity Family . Ask.com Answer for: when did columbus discover america. Source.Shop A to Z. Shop By Brand. Just Added. Wall Maps > Specialty Maps > History Maps > Where Did Columbus Discover America? Map 1986. . Where Did Columbus Discover .Best Answer: The natives lived in Asia and moved across the land bridge and moved south and when the waters rose were stranded here and forgotten. The .

Did Columbus Discover America? Yes. Though it’s often(and properly and justifiably)been pointed out that Columbus arrived on a continent already .When did Columbus discover America - trivia question /questions answer / answersQuestion. When did Columbus discover America? What was the year Columbus discovered America? Answer. Christopher Columbus discovered America in A.D.Q&A Related to "When Did Columbus Discover America?" When Did Columbus Discover America? Columbus discovered America in the year 1492 by sailing through the ocean.Columbus did not discover America and didn't get close to it. Instead he found islands off of the Bahamas. The Vikings arrived in North America 500 years before any .Quick Poll: Did Columbus discover America? . Vikings and Norsemen were fishing off the American/Canadian waters long before Columbus supposedly "discovered" America.Did Columbus discover America? ChaCha Answer: Technically no he did not. He discovered N. America from the European viewpoint. He act.When did Columbus discover America? ChaCha Answer: Christopher Columbus landed in the Bahamas in October 1492. He died in 1506 never .(A-Z) DRA (A,1-80) Lexile Measure (200L-1600L) . Did Columbus Really Discover America?: And Other Questions about the Age of Exploration (Chapters in History)Quick Poll: Did Columbus discover America? Loading Poll. Item Info; Links; . Happy Independence Day America.Yes We Had To Kick Britain's Pompous Corrupt Ass;Did Columbus discover America? No way , the indians didDid Columbus discover America? Off Topic . I mean we always say he's the first to discover the Americas, but I've seen documentaries talking about other people .

Did Christopher Columbus Discover America in 1492? Who knows? At the Greater Columbus Convention Center, However, You Will Discover a “New World” (Class) Special .What year did Columbus "discover" America? If your Answer is chosen as the “accepted” answer, you will earn ongoing royalties on this thread.Did Columbus Really Discover America? Christopher Columbus is given credit for discovering the New World, but was he really the first person to step foot in this new .The New Theory When Did Columbus 'Discover' The Americas? 1492? Not according to Ruggero Marino, who claims that Columbus actually reached America in 1485.How to Cite this Page: Ask History: Did Columbus Really Discover America? APA Style. Ask History: Did Columbus Really Discover America?. (Mon Jul 01 23:43:39 EDT 2013).Did Christopher Columbus discover America? Find out if Christopher Columbus discovered America from Curiosity.com.During which literary period did Columbus "discover" America? The KGB Agent answer: Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492. Literature up to 1750 is .Did Columbus Discover America [1,167 views] Add this video to collection or playlist. Please select collection name from following. Add New Collection. Add this .Best Answer: Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492 A.D. . 1498 Columbus "discovered" the West Indies in 1492, but didn't discover the mainland .Did the vikings discover america before Columbus. 33 likes · 0 talking about this. CommunityChristopher Columbus did not discover America, and there is no good reason to keep pretending that he did. Related Articles. La Navidad: .Did Columbus Discover America Earlier In Secret Mission For Pope? . which showed that Columbus found America in 1485, during the reign of Pope Innocent VIII.Did Columbus actully discover America? he was the first one to discover America but Indians were there long before Columbus Was Columbus 1st to discover America?Did Columbus really discover America? Get the full story.Did Columbus Discover America . Tags: #Columbus, Discover, Taino Indians, Ethnocentric, Virgin soil epidemic, Bering Strait. Video URL: Embeddable Player: Help .Q&A Related to "What Year Did Columbus Discover America?" When Did Columbus Discover America? Columbus discovered America in the year 1492 by sailing through the ocean.When did Columbus discover america? If your Answer is chosen as the “accepted” answer, you will earn ongoing royalties on this thread. Simply type your Answer in .When Did Christopher Columbus Discover South America? - Find Questions and Answers at Askives, the first startup that gives you an straight answerColumbus did not discover America, the Vikings did. Leif Ericsson reached the North American continent and is the rightful discoverer of America, Columbus is a usurper.Columbus Day: Did Columbus Truly Discover America? Adam Justice, Yahoo! Contributor Network Oct 10, 2011 "Share your voice on Yahoo! websites. Start Here."The politically correct view is that Columbus did not discover America, because people had lived here for thousands of years. Worse yet, it's claimed, .But did Columbus really discover America? . “Z’vulun shall dwell in the shore of the sea, and he shall be a shore for ships, and his flank shall be kept by .Best Answer: At a time when most Europeans thought the world was flat, Christopher Columbus thought the earth was round. Sea trade with eastern countries .Best Answer: No, he did not. North America has been inhabited for millenia. There is no concensus about a Chinese discovery, but there is concensus that .When Did Christopher Columbus Discover America Christopher Columbus, a very popular navigator, explorer, and colonizer from Genoa led to several voyages and so .Best Answer: http://wilstar.com/holidays/columbus.htm . 1498 . He left Spain in 1492. . Look here: Crist?bal Col?n is credited with the discovery .Why did Columbus discover America columbus accidently found it when he was looking for a quiker route to india. Ask a Question or Create a Poll. Home; Categories .Deciding whether Christopher Columbus did in fact discover America depends on a couple of definitions - In the first place, what we mean by America, and secondly, .Did Christopher Columbus Discover America? by Unmistakably Liz Posted 2007/12/12 15:31:42. Read More +22 Rave; 1 Share; . He did not discover America, .Best Answer: Columbus discovered the Americas Amerigo Vespucci never travelled to America. He was simply a map maker who specialised in maps of America- as .

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