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covering polygons is hard
guard covers is NP-hard for simple polygons and open for simple orthogonal polygons. . A generalized notion of visibility is the notion of k-visibility [19, 20, 9],  .Supowit [20] showed that the problems of covering' poly- gons with the minimum . shaped polygons or spiral polygons are all NP-hard, but their constructions .14 May 1996 . ing partitioning and covering general polygons. . into the minimum number of convex components is NP-hard 79], 20] David Bremner.Covering Rectilinear Polygons with Axis-Parallel Rectangles (1999) . Citations: 20 - 1 self . 43, Covering polygons is hard - Culberson, Reckhow - 1988.

Key words. approximation algorithms, covering polygons. 1. Introduction. . Berman and Dasgupta [2] showed that this problem is MaxSNP-Hard for polygons.Given a polygon P, cover it with a minimum number of triangles contained in P. This . we show that the convex cover problem without Steiner points is NP-hard.We consider the problem of covering arbitrary polygons with rectangles. The rectangles must lie entirely within the polygon. (This requires that the interior angles .1 Apr 1997 . The rectilinear polygon cover problem is one in which a certain class of features of a rectilinear polygon ofn vertices has to . References (20).

'l'hc prol~lcm of covering a polygon with convex polygons. IM. . 1)om.nts arc known to be NP-hard [5]. is a sequence of points 20,. . . ,x, such that for 1 5 i 5 n,.Clear 3D Abstract Polygon Diamond Crystal Texture Hard PC Back Case Cover For iPhone 5, +, eFuture Gold Chrome Electroplating Hollow Pattern Hard Case .

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